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Organic Valley

Farmer owned since 1988, Organic Valley is the nation's largest farmer-owned organic cooperative, and one of the worlds' largest organic consumer brands.

Vernon Communications Coop

The cooperative currently serves over 7000 residential and business members with internet, telephone, television, and security and automation. Today, VC Co-op maintains one of the most state of the art communication networks in Western Wisconsin and is a leader in the telecommunications industry.

Wisco Pop

A love of soda combined with a deep respect for the local food movement Wisco Pop! was born at Food Enterprise Center in Viroqua in 2012. 6 years later it's distributed all over the midwest and beyond.


BRING YOUR WORK WITH YOU and LIVE IN VERNON COUNTY.                    Officials Celebrate Telecommuter Forward! Certification for Vernon County           Read Telecommuter Forward Article here

WESTBY is #2!    Coziest Wisconsin Towns  Read Article here 



Business, Resident and Immediate Resources for Flood Relief 

Coulee Region Flooding Clean-up 2018


Most people who choose to make Vernon County their home are choosing a way of life and a set of values that include some of the most important things in life: Fresh air, good local food, sustainable living, clean water, sunshine, and safe communities…and access to unsurpassed outdoor recreation, culture and natural beauty.

Right in the heart of the Driftless region of southwest Wisconsin, Vernon County offers a wide variety of opportunities for business set within the most spectacular scenic areas in the Midwest.

Vernon County offers its residents quality and diverse educational opportunities, access to first-rate conventional and alternative health care, progressive, sustainable jobs, access to healthy, local food, a thriving live music and arts culture, and a host of outdoor recreational and organizational activities.

Vernon County, Wisconsin is where your family vacation, sportsman adventures, cravings for local flavor and arts & live music dreams become a reality. Whether you are searching for a quiet day on a secluded lake, a tour through Amish country, fun on the river, one of the best meals you have ever eaten or a day of shopping at the local farmer’s market or quaint shops, Vernon County has something to offer everyone in your family.


“We are all connected in ways we cannot even begin to fathom. Our lives unfold through each other and within each other. What one suffers, we all feel. What one does changes others forever.” 

David Rhodes

Good Food = Good Energy

Driftless Cafe

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