In Vernon County, we are redefining quality of life and may just be the best-kept secret in the country.  From it’s quality and diverse educational opportunities, access to first-rate conventional and alternative health care, sustainable jobs including the ability to work from home with access to an extensive rural fiber network, an abundance of healthy, local food, a vibrant live music and arts scene, and a host of outdoor recreational opportunities; all while retaining that close-knit, community feel.  Every one of our communities are livable, walkable and affordable while offering opportunities to enrich the world and their own lives.


The wide range of educational institutions and philosophies in the region is certainly unique and sets Vernon County apart from other regions. From Higher Education, Lifelong Learning Opportunities and Pre-K-12 schools that range from award winning Public, Montessori, Private, Parochial, a Waldorf school, and a strong Home school network; Vernon County has a plethora of educational options.   

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Vernon County is home to excellent healthcare at state of the art hospitals and local clinics as well as a rich offering of alternative medical practitioners.

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One of the greatest assets of living in Vernon County, is our access to some of the most beautiful land, water and fresh air in the country. From quiet hardwood forests and inspiring rivers to family-fun picnic sites; Vernon County Parks are places to reconnect with what matters most.

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